Flic en Flac is an ancient fishing village situated on the west coast of the island and has a micro-climate whole year round (except during cyclonic periods). It is now a well-known holiday resort with a lot of hotels, restaurants, etc... The white and sandy beach, one of the longest in Mauritius, is bordered by filao trees offering shade and calm. There are as many varieties of corals as in other tropical regions but their distribution is unique. The strong cyclonic waves contribute to the formation of thick corals near the surface and thinner corals deeper. The fauna consists mainly of small and medium sized tropical species – the most famous being the grouper, the muraena, the lionfish, the stonefish and the scorpionfish. You may also encounter pelagic species such as tuna, barracuda, jack fish and rays in some of the wonderful dive sites in Flic en Flac.

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(9 – 20m)

From 9 to 20 metres, just in front of the dive centre. Rocky falls covered with corals and fish shoals: fusiliers, snappers, goatfish, groupers, butterflies... Moray eels, lionfish, stonefish and scorpionfish.

Bambou Hill

(19 – 36m)

12 minutes from the dive centre. Beautiful scenery from 19 throughout 36 metres. Beautiful corals, groups of snappers, butterflies, lionfish. A marvelous arch at 27 metres, a second one at 36 metres.


(40 – 51m)

Just a few metres from the centre, a magnificent dive of 40 metres where you can see beutiful corals, gorgonians and a cave inhabited by lobsters. Manioc is a dive rich in contrasts where you will see lots of different fishes.

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